augustus 2012; Radio Westerkwartier

Although VENcE is on a long summer break (on which more later) we had a lovely fridayevening at the Radio Westerkwartier studio where we recorded some songs live, to which you can listen this week every evening there!
Next to playing live, we took along our museum-recording, 'the nature of things'. Here it is:

Not that there isn't good news, far from it!

april 2012; New VENcE times

On our twitter (see the right colom on this page) and on our Facebook like-us page ;-) some news, pictures and movies have been posted, but on here, the long winter silence has dominated.
Not that there isn't good news, far from it!
-We are writing a song inspired by a painting; Something to do with this exhibition in the Groninger Museum...
-A sixth VENcE is on the way...
-We are in the studio again, the first song -Sentimental Four- has been recorded... This time we are taking a new approach to creating an album, going one song at the time...
-We have played a few nice venue's, thanx a bunch Nijmegen, Amen, Wageningen and Spijkerboor! And thank you Selma, Lovely to play for you at your 25th? Birthday!
-For the end of summer we're planning to start producing one or two video's to go with the new recorded songs. While we are in the midst of inbetween brainstorming sessions -> if you have a good idea for a videoclip: let us know!
And so, to break the silence here, here we are again!
Do remember to check out Our CD here, you might want to get it for real?
And hopefully see you soon - some shows will be announced soon!

16th of november 2011; Way to go, In de Kringloop!

Wow, over a month since last posting here. It's not we haven't been busy, played a lovely gig @ Brennels and are preparing for the tour next week. (More new songs coming! - watch out Rudy ;-) Maybe it's the cold winter that fell in silencing us. But up to now and no more!
Our friends from In de Kringloop, whom we were so lucky to meet in Zwolle made a wonderful vid.
So without further ado:

7th of october 2011; Kathleen, undressed!

Not literally, of course, but as a figure of write. Jos decided it was time to share even more VENcE to the world and so here's:
Kathleen! Much goodluck playing! And if u have a nice version: don't be holding back on us! (youtube's the word)

21th of september 2011, website updates!

A brand new Flickr-Photo-Slider has been implemented here!
Do you have nice pics of VENcE? Let us know! We'll make sure to show 'm!

5th of september 2011, BANDCAMP!

Troubling times. We have this lovely new promo-site at bandcamp, but how to launch it into the world?
Had we played here, it would have been easy and fun :D, but maybe next year? ;-)
anyway, BANDCAMP it is!

august 26th 2011 This weekend: Full Color Festival in Emmen!

We will be playing @ 13h00 on the Amnesty stage. Hope to see lot of folks there under the sun!
Check hier de site...

august 11th 2011 Nooderzon Festival next week :-)

And we are getting ready for it! Set list is aaalmost finished, we're gonna make it a nice big show! all be there, 16h00 saturday, dwergstage!

june 18th 2011 Zorja Festival this evening!

There we are, in Groningen-city! And if u want to come: bring an umbrella and your own drinks! (geen tapvrgunning)

june 4th 2011 We had a nice weekend! (1)

Here's a lovely little link. More about last weekend is to come. Don't forget to check us out in Groningen this evening here: in the UB 4th floor at 21.00!

may 26th 2011 Bits and Pieces: music and interview with VENcE and Marleen

The guys and girl of VPRO's 3voor12 are a busy bunch, and we are hapy to have their attention. For their new show 'PopUp' they interviewed VENcE while giving a show in the ever-lovely Café Marleen.
Check out the article here or watch the episode below!

may 10th 2011 speaking of the Devil

After having posted some audio (see the message below of may 1st) from a livingroom show, we got an email from Ralph from Wishful Music asking us the names of several songs he had posted of us on the youtube (with an updated VENcE LIVE-section!). He had tried to guess the names of the songs, but 'just' didn't get them right ;-)
Anyway, here's a video of Laura with the guys for Mullholland Drive!

may 1st 2011 Working up to it!

A load of new songs, VENcE is ready to plunge into the festival season! Check us out the coming month!
There are no real recordings of the new songs yet, but here's a scoop. And do come to check this one in the grande VENcE arrangement! (thanx a lot to Marjolein Paanakker for the recording which is also on:

april 1st 2011 Next sunday: NO VENcE @ Huize Maas

Sadly we have to announce that VENcE will not be playing next sunday. Miscommunication caused this date to be confirmed but more than half of the bandmembers are abroad... We are very sorry and also a bit sad, because playing in Huize Maas with Gronings Peil seems a lot of fun! So we are really hoping for a rain-check!

25 march 2011 Being reviewed is fun!

Let's start with with some slightly older news: A wonderful dutch review on the 'FileUnder' website. It has been up there for a while but wasnt mentioned on this site yet. Dank!

And then there is this really nice review by Norbert Tebarts on 'Written in Music' A small addendum for the introduction: we think VENcE was founded around 2001, or maybe 2002. Noone is sure though ;-)

22 march 2011 No show next wednesday

Sometimes the title says it all. Next wednessday we were to play in Groningen, but the organisation decided to cancel the series of shows, among which, ours. Stupid mistake of course, but still no VENcE live show this week :(

18 march 2011 Reviews, reviews

It doesn't seem to stop. Reviews of our album keep on coming and we are oh-so proud :-)
Stillive: Dutch review by Pivo. Bedankt!

Rocktimes: German review by Joachim 'Joe' Brokes. Danke!

7 march 2011 D-j (4 Your Ears Only): Thanks!

Sad though it may be, the collaboration between Dirk-jan Heinstra and VENcE has ended. Though we hope to see him many more times on the stage with us, playing sax in various songs, we are currently looking for a new booker and already talking to parties. Remains to say: D-j THANX!

21 feb 11. presenting the NEW CD!

25 jan 11. VERA, thanx!

Just a list of names, in random order: thank u: Erik, D-j, Esther, Obed, Jasper, Freek, Phil, Wouter, Maras, Thomas, Janet, Vincent, Kim, Peter, Jurriaan, Ike, Koos, Sikko, Ronald, Marij, Iemah, Kim, Aaf and some more will be here (i need more vences to help me out here).

21 jan 11. NEW CD!

21 Januari 2011: CD PRESENTATION *Press Button Start Show*
VERA - Groningen

de hoes
(click for larger)

21 jan 11. Interview...

...with Jos in today's newspaper (Dutch)

11 jan 11. Happy New Year...

...from all of us. We hope it will be a good year for everyone. Come take a look at our new CD at Plato saturday the 15th. We will then play at 12 o'clock in the Coffee Company, the CD will be available at that moment, but then you'll have to wait until the 21st in Vera. New year, new site, new CD :)

27 dec 10. With the guys from Lopend Vuur...

...we had a nice afternoon and we learned about our lack of interweb skills :D - here's the lovely take and mix from Mullholland Drive:

And check the interview here:
Lopend Vuur's Lykle in heavy debate with the Vencies!

08 dec 10. The new complete CD...

...can arrive any moment now! And a new gig at Plato, at the midday before Noorderslag. Hope we can do some good promo for our release at Vera's.

10 nov 10. We're looking forward

and working towards a big show!! It's not as easy as to press a button, but the result will be something. The date in VERA is confirmed and it will be the 21st of January. The artwork is as good as finished and we are thinking about the form we will give to the releaseparty! But there's more to do. We also gonna play in little livingroom setting and thinking about a making a clip. Lots to do!

13 sept 10. And then, we have a mastered CD at home!

HOW AWESOME! And before, we got a preview of the artwork.... HOW #$%$#* AWESOME! Stay tuned here, cuz soon and only for a short time, a sneak peak will be on this site!

25 aug 10. Gig coming up!

Come check us out in the church of Woltersum!!

24.08.10 The summerholiday is over...

and VENcE is going to get to action again! Next weekend, check us out next saturday in Ansen op Vogelpop and sunday in a garden-concert in the lovely Burgum, contact for more information...
News about the upcoming album:
-the CD will be mastered in the 1st week of september.

We'll keep u posted more often from now on!

07.07.10 Postponing the presentation

Sometimes less comfortable decisions need to be taken. Our progress on the new CD is steady, but not fast enough to be able to make it and have everything ready for the 9th of september. And so, we have had to delay our presentation at the VERA. We are happy folks over there are understanding and kind, and we will make it up! As soon as we are sure we'll announce a new date...

11.06.10 And some more from the wide web, a very oddly mixed video of our show in Amsterdam for My KalvertorenPop...

Next show in Amsterdam @ the Winston Kingdom: October 2nd!

01.06.10 Speaking of media; here's the link to the newsitem made by Amsterdam!

29.05.10 Nice words from 3voor12 Amsterdam!
It's great to be in the media over there so: Check it out!

26.05.10 It's been quite the 4 days... Playing together every evening, trying out two NEW songs for the audience and from giving very familiar shows (congratz Mr. H.!) to having really new experiences... While we're still browsing the web for vid's, pic's and stories (let us know if u've got some!
Here's a little impression of our late afternoon show in Café Replay in Amsterdam, foto's by Harold Hulskers:
VENcE live in de Kalvertoren

19.05.10 Three shows ahead, make sure to meet us coming weekend!
Thursday; 18.45; Amsterdam @ Kalvertoren: Check it out!
Saturday; 20.30; Nieuweschans @ the beatiful hall of the de Oude Remise. Info: go check!
Sunday; 21.30ish; Groningen @ Café Marleen where we secretly might be recording a live track for our coming album ;-)... Click!

A few weeks ago we were guests at the Razzmatazz.
From here, a great big thanx (Ad en Kees!) for a lovely evening, GREAT live recordings(!) some pretty pictures by AiZraZZ, Check them all here!

16.04.10 Studio-update: 5 of the 12 lead vocal-parts have been recorded! So there's a steady progress with the new CD.
In the meantime, planning is happening, all those around VENcE need to gather for the release of the album. Despite busy schedules, dates have been found...
Coming up next tuesday: a podcast or vodcast with Lopend Vuur ! We will be discussing plans, playing songs and drinking beer, so keep checking their site after tuesday!

25.03.10 Completely unaware our every move was captured: last week in the VERA: The DeVil-Inn! - Thanx Obrocht!
Don't forget to come and check 1st of april in the pakhuis Groningen!

21.03.10 Wonderful times! After a great evening in the VERA with Isbells, some medialight shines along the sun...
Go check out:

Our feeling of spring, along with Krause and Flux, article by Wouter de Boer on 3voor12...

A very flattering review by Kobus on of our show along Isbells in the VERA

Photo's from VERA by Anna Hiep

12.03.10 Spring almost here, after the first few sunny days of the year, vencey vibrations are in the air. Studio-dates have been planned again, next weeks we'll be s(w)inging for the microfone! To ease the waiting, here's a track from last summer, which -obviously- will be on the new album!
VENcE @ Simplon, playing Gypsy Mama Pogo Girl!
With D-j Heinstra on A-Sax and Obed Brinkman on the T-bone

03.03.10 We're playing in the Kalvertoren centre, thanx to your votes! So hopefully see u there 20th of May!

01.03.10 New look for the and new song on the

26.02.10 Looking forward to our new CD... Artwork in progress!

22.02.10 New pictures! Playing @ cLeopatra's Preipop:

17-02-10 Going to the capital (we hope)... For a show in Amsterdam: My Kalvertorenpop we need your votes! So plz send an SMS 'Pop 7' to 4422 (40ct once), and we'll see u there!
Or next friday in Groningen; Preipop - Cleopatra - Kleine Pelsterstraat - Groningen - 21.30

04-02-10 Silence of the VENcEs. But not for long! After 7 days of recording (2 long weekends and one extra-long extra day - last take around 02.00) the 12.5 songs are starting to sound like we want them to and it is almost time to start with the vocals...
As soon as we can give some pre-sound, be here to check, cuz we will!
Until then: hopefully see you at one of our upcoming shows: Prei-Pop in hometown Grunn or in 'het Pakhuis' on april 1st...

16-12-09 A heavy recording-weekend lies behind us. Drums and guitar are on 7 tracks and strings and accordeon are on 3 tracks. Soon we will plan another weekend to record. You can check the hyves, blogs, myspace and picasaweb for pictures.

01-12-09 Check te gig-list, it has been updated. Furthermore, the recordinglist is almost ready and we have our first recording-session in the weekend of 11, 12 and 13 december. We've heard that Sinterklaas is also coming then!

26-08-09 Finally the summerholidays are over, VENcE is busy preparing for the upcoming album. Songs are being recorded, selected, evaluated, rearranged and so on and on. Some new tunes will be online soon!

24-06-09 Last week on the stage, a new song, it was 'Not Today' thanx to Obrocht multimedia Monster!

03-06-09 Coming up: VENcE back in hometown Groningen:

23-05-09 De nieuwe VENcE DVD Bestellen? Dat kan: stuur VENcE een mailtje met je naam en adresgegevens en vervolgens krijg je een reply met een rekeningnummer waar je € 10,= (excl. verzendkosten) op overmaakt om de DVD thuisgestuurd te krijgen.

Meer zien?? Check de preview op onze Hyves!

21-05-09 We're back! Sorry for being offline for some time, but now you can enjoy our website again!

12-03-09 A while ago we gave a show at the roepaen festival in Limburg which was recorded by Radio 6 and others. And what surprise:
In 'Roots' of 22 feb 2009, they played VENcE! Listen: here! (the part with vence starts after a few minutes)

10-03-09 About our upcoming show @ the Stania State : From the Folkforum website!

20-12-08 Here it is! Proudly we presented our new video! Have a look at:
Chaos over Protocol
*For an impression of our presentation:
Gypsy Mama - live in the Images theatre
* And our DVD! It is really nearly completed!
DVD promotion clip, click on the 4th from the top

12-12-08 A live interview with VENcE on the tube! TV noords' NOORD CLIPS XL asking us all about vence, our music and of course the new videoclip and presentation!
It will be broadcasted saturday 13th of december @ 18:35

04-12-08 Some other news while we are preparing our videoclip-presentation the 14th:
Joe Brookes (who also reviewed our show @ Roepaen) about our CD 'the Beggars Butler' published on RockTimes. thanx!

27-11-08 We heard it was right!
New blog by Jos on the hyves! (in dutch)

22-11-08 This weekend we're camping in studio Music & Lyrics, to record a double sides single.. Today has been heavy but productive, tomorrow promises the same!
But we are looking forward to what is coming:
"the Gravity of Soul" & "Kathleen"
We'll keep u posted!
It took a little while, but finally all our profiles are written and published! (click on our heads on the right) We're very curious to what u think about it, so leave a comment in the guestbook!

12-11-08 We found a recording of ourselves on the Youtube! Check the video made by Tommy, of 'the count of nine' on the Coaster Anda. (video section on the site)

03-11-08 News about the videoClip presentation! ** Check HERE! **
A beautiful poster/fleyer made by D-j Heinstra, feel free to post it on your own site!

21-10-08 Our DVD-project with Raspberry Animation & Cineversity TV


13/18-10-08 On the 14th of dec 2008 at 17:00 we will be presenting our new videoclip of 'Chaos over Protocol' by Cengiz Özgök in the Images Theatre in Groningen! VENcE will play a live show enlisted by special footage made by Cengiz Özgök, bringing the images of the clip and more to life (live). Some stills from the clip and some 'making of' can be found -here-

09-10-08 The Video page on this site has been updated! Go and find your favorite song on it!

06-10-08 Over the border, a review of the vence performance on Roepaen-Festival in German (Deutsch). Many thanx to Joachim Brookes!
Some pictures of the Roepaen Festival:

01-10-08 A new blog on the Hyves ! about our lovely weekend in Roepaen Pictures and recordings will follow!

30-09-08 Much to tell, much to tell!
* The profiles on our site work and will be filled.. (click on the faces on the right!)
* The Celibate Puppetteer has a small re-issue! If u want one, now is your chance!
* Pictures of the noorderzon uitmarkt can be found here. Pictures by H. Hoving - thanx!

21-09-08 Finally a date has been reset: Our performance in de Koornbeurs @ Delft.

16-09-08 Blogging about VENcE! Read all about it: In the September NewsFlash

16-09-08 A small piece of VENcE on the Noorderzon Uitmarkt! :

07-09-08 The previous EP 'the Celibate Puppetteer is now completely sold out. They're simply gone :-)
In unrelated news : after a wonderfull Noorderzon 2008, we are looking for Photo's! Have u got any? Please give us a link here !

14-08-08 Our new videoclip for Chaos over Protocol is almost complete! (release: approx 1 sept 2008)
-> for a tiny preview: Look over here

12-08-08 Photo’s of Folk in the Walden festival are HERE

REVIEWS "The Beggar's Butler":



Watch a video of our latest show here

Read an interview with Jos in New Folk Sounds here

JOSJos de Vries - vocal and guitar

JOSMariken Hoving - violin

JOSSebastiaan Wiering - Cello

JOSLielian Tan - drums

JOSLaura Iwema - keyboard and accordion